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About Us

GFL is an international nonprofit organization that offers training, financial literacy, and best practices for money management to San Diego County's undeserved and voiceless residents as well as young military troops and their families. We are committed to helping these communities improve their economic situation with intention, compassion, and commitment.

Our mission and vision are aligned in that they support programs that create or strengthen opportunities for educational and economic growth and nurture the family unit. GFL conducts in-person and virtual financial literacy training for youth, tweens, teens, young adults, adults, and seasoned citizens as a way to address the inequities and lack of financial education resources often found in disadvantaged communities.

Classmates in Library
"A nonprofit's support from the community determines how powerful it is. We can accomplish more as a group than we can separately. Let's combine our skills and interests to create lasting change. It's a collaboration."

Rae Russell, Founder & CEO

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